Ja’Sean Glover

6’3 – 2022 – Guard

High School: Madelia

AAU: SW Minnesota Stars


Ja’Sean Glover is a 2022 Sophomore from Madelia High School in Minnesota. You probably said what I said when you read Madelia, where is Madelia? Madelia is 24 miles southwest of Mankato of about 2,300 people.

Glover has already surpassed the all-time scoring record at Madelia. On February 4th, 2020 Glover put up another 30 point game and surpassed the school scoring record. On the year the six-foot three-inch guard is averaging 30 plus points, 6 boards and three assists. 

Just before Glover set the Madelia school record we chatted about the year, the work he puts in and if he’s got colleges looking for him yet. 

Q: Ja’Sean, Want to do an interview through IG chat for them? 

A: I’m down for whatever… let’s do it. 

Q: How’s the season going so far? 

A: 6-10. We’re turning it around though. 

Q: How have you played so far? 

A: Pretty good. Average 30 plus points a game, about 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. Got my 1,000 points as a Sophomore and about to pass the school record for points. Only 15 points away. Record is 1,407.

Q: How how you’ve been able to score so much already?

A: Just practicing consistently. Getting in the gym in the morning before practices and before games even. Just constantly finding weaknesses in my game and practicing on them.

Q: What do you do to work on your game?

A: Shooting Free throws, three’s, ball handling, and off hand finishing. Anything.

Q: Have you reach any interest from colleges yet?

A: Not the ones I’m interested in.

Q: Any offers? 

A: Not yet.

Q: Is your role the same or different on the AAU team compared to HS?

A: Yes it’s different. There’s more talent as a group on my AAU team.

Q: What other interests you have outside of basketball?

A: Football and baseball.

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