Joich Gong Q&A Plus Highlights

6’2 Guard


Mankato EAST (High School) 

Minnesota Select (AAU)

Twitter: @JoichGMankato East features two 2020 guards in Jax Madson and Joich Gong. Both score and pass well, and they’ve played together since middle school. That’s a good combination to have where at any one time you can have a guard on the floor leading the team.

Mankato East is 17-1 only loss to Minnesota Power DeLaSalle. Madson is averaging 17.8 points per game and Joich Gong is averaging 13 right behind him. Gong averages 3.5 assists to go along with his 13 points.

For a few days, Gong and I chatted about the season and his future. 

Q: How’s the season going so far? 

A: I’ve been playing well. I’m averaging about 12.8 points, 3.6 assists, and 3.4 rebounds per game.

Q: How do Jax and you pair in the backcourt? Does one of you run the show more or do guys share the responsibility?

A: We pair really well. We have played together since 5th or 6th grade, so we know each other. We usually just go off of who’s playing well and has a mismatch. He might do a little more scoring than me on some nights and sometimes we’re right with each other.

Q: How’s recruiting going for you?

A: It’s going good. I’ve had about 4 offers just come in recently.

Q: What schools have offered you?

A: NDSCS , NIACC, Kirkwood CC , Milwaukee Area Tech.

Q: Is there something you are looking for to play? Are you definitely looking to play basketball in college or is football in your plans?

A: A place where I know where I can come in and play right away and help the team out. Definitely playing college basketball.

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