Manny Montgomery Q&A plus Highlights

2020 6’5 Guard

Bloomington Jefferson 

Rip City 

Twitter: @Manny97756664

Playing for relatively unknown AAU team in the Summer of 2019, six-foot five-inch 2020 guard Manny Montgomery didn’t have many eyes on him. A few consistent games, and a few good tournaments, more paid attention. Manny then put a huge 42 point scoring game on the Northern Lakers in June and garnered pupils throughout July.

After a slow 2019-20 basketball season because of a broken hand, Montgomery is working to finish 2020 strong. The lefty is averaging 18 points a game with five 20 plus scoring games. 

Q: How’s the season going so far? 

A: Not how we planned it to go but still got time to turn it around. I was injured for half the season but getting back to it now in my 9th game back.

Q: What did you hurt and how? How have you played over the 9 games?

A: Broke my hand. It was in a cast for 4 weeks and came back. It felt great coming back especially since it’s my Senior year. Not getting to play all year coming back was like the best feeling ever. I’m averaging 17 points a game  since my return.

Q: How was it in the Summer and getting recognized for your play?

A: Felt good to know someone knows I am a good player. I mean people probably know but getting recognized for it felt good to know my hard work is getting recognized. 

Q: When hurt did you work on off hand stuff? Or specific drills with the hand broken?

A: Yea I worked with my off hand to get it stronger. Then when I got out of my cast, immediately went to the gym. 

Q: How’s recruiting going for you? 

A: Pretty good. I got a few D1 JUCOs looking at me.

Q: Any names of the schools you want to share?

A: Lake Region State is who I’m talking to at the moment.

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