Jack Janicki

6’3 White Bear Lake Guard

D1 Minnesota 2023


Jack Janicki comes from a long line of basketball heritage. His Grandfather was coach at Mounds View, which in 1992 featured Minnesota Miss Basketball, his Mom Stacy. Mom, a 5-foot eleven-inch guard was rewarded a scholarship to Notre Dame. Jack’s older sister’s both starred at White Bear Lake as basketball players too.

With the intensity of the family, making Junior Varsity as an Eighth Grader, and then the summer of 2019 playing for DTA, Jack was prepared for starting at White Bear Lake as a 2023 Freshman. As that starter, Janicki averaged 14.5 points per game and WBL finished 13-12.

Janicki is a smooth shooting lefty that measures six-foot three-inches tall, solid size for a guard of any age level. As a Freshman, that is excellent size for his position. Scoring more 20 points in a game five times including season high 27 versus Park of Cottage Grove. Janicki is a versatile scorer as he can shoot from long range, and mid-range, and can work himself to the hoop and finish inside. Jack has natural point guard skills with advanced vision for his age and a knack for finding the open man. 

Q: How’s the season going so far? 

A: It’s been pretty good. After losing all of our production from last year, we have definitely done better than we were expected to. We have a winning record and for me, taking on a bigger role as a freshman has been good for me and my game. 

Q: I think I remember last year, you guys were really good. Did you play as an 8th grader on Varsity?

A: No. Pretty much Just JV. Scored a couple points Varsity. 

Q: Did you learn watching those guys play last year? How did that help you this year without them?

A: It was cool to see a good group of Senior’s play and set a good example. They set a pretty high bar for years to come. This year has been a little harder without them, but we have worked hard and I believe in our team.

Q: How have you played this year? 

A: I’ve played pretty well overall. Some bad games, some really good games. I think I’m averaging 15, and leading the team in rebounds, assists, steals, and minutes. I was worried about being physically ready to play Varsity basketball and it hasn’t been that big of an issue. Most of that is due to the work I put in and the great coaches and teammates I had during last summer.

Q: Last summer AAU with DTA? 

A: Yeah, DTA last summer. This summer I will be playing D1 Minnesota. But some teammates from my team last year will be on that team with me. DJ Phillips, my DTA Coach has pushed me really hard and has really helped me improve my game. And traveling the country playing good competition has made playing Varsity basketball more comfortable for me.

Q: Are the DTA workouts intense?

A: Oh, yeah. The practices were definitely harder than the games. But that’s what you want. In terms of not only winning games, but for me personally, getting better every practice.

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